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Class Descriptions

Aerial Fitness

Aerial Fitness is built to guide you through exercises using aerial fabrics as a tool to build all around body strength, increase body awareness, and learn proper alignment in a safe and supportive environment. Using methods to play and elevate you will find the "burn" all the while having fun in the fabrics! While the drills and techniques taught in this class will certainly benefit an aerialist’s practice, no aerial experience is required. This class is recommended for any-and-everybody looking to mix up their fitness routine.

In this class you will stay closer to the ground, using combinations of fabric and floor to build strength and agility. There has never been another workout so fun!

FitCamp Intensity

This is a progressive full-body, high-intensity workout.  Generally designed as circuits for time, this hour-long class is intended to get your heart pumping and may cause some serious sweat!  FitCamp instructors will provide multiple levels of difficulty for all exercises, participants are encouraged to push themselves but also work within their physical abilities and with safe exercise form. Exercises may use equipment and props or be bodyweight only.  All levels are welcome and encouraged!


This is a progressive strength-based full body workout usually done for sets and reps.  Exercises may be done with bodyweight only or incorporate weights, equipment, and props.  Our knowledgeable instructors will focus on proper form and alignment, teach strength building techniques, and help students develop a solid foundation to progress their skills.  This class is appropriate for anyone who wants to build a strong foundation, body mechanics, muscular balance, and strength for everyday Tahoe living as well as competition and/or performance.  All levels and abilities welcome!

Lunch Crunch

Our core is the foundation from which all movement in the body comes from.  Whether you are a gymnast or a busy Mom we can all gain from improved core control and strength for performance, health, and longevity.  In this core-focused class we will sweat, burn and challenge our midsections, buts, and guts!  All levels are encouraged and welcome!  Our knowledgeable instructors will scale exercise for the most advanced to the beginner.


Total Body Resistance Training, often known as suspension or strap training, TRX workouts can vary from more high intensity and cardio-based to strength-focused, most classes are a healthy blend of both.  The TRX trainer is a fantastic tool that creates both an assistive exercise tool and a progressive prop.  TRX is appropriate for most levels but students who lack core strength should expect to do some mat only work, especially in a plank position to maintain back safety.

Align and Flow

In this class we use guided breathwork & slow somatic movement to create an awareness of the body, breath, and mind union. By balancing the breath, attitude, and body through each posture, we create a more stable and centered being which will help guide your flow through a specific sequence of poses that the teacher is inspired to share that day. Moving through these flow sequences you will build heat while building an awareness of a well aligned body.

It is our hope that students will begin to look at their bodies with curiosity, giving them a sense that they have the strength and freedom to feel fully alive.

All levels welcome!

Apres Ski and Release

Had a long day on the mountain and need a little release? This is the class for you. Apres Ski and Release will help lengthen and relax those over worked muscles by flooding your body with oxygen and allowing you to tune in to those sore spots so you can work through the tightness that comes with an active lifestyle!

All students welcome!

Flow and Float

This class begins with light breathwork and meditation, then transitions into a vinyasa flow building strength and heat in the body before working through a variety of balancing postures including, but not limited to: arm balances, handstands, standing balances, headstand, and forearm balance. This will be a challenging class, but there will always be modifications available to adapt the practice to your body.

Hatha Yoga

This class is intended to awaken and challenge the mind and body. It involves a set of physical postures and breathing techniques. In this practice you move slowly while holding postures longer so the body can settle into the ease of the pose while the mind withdraws from all its senses.  

Hatha Yoga, which literally means “union through discipline of force”, is a style of yoga has inspired generations, for its spiritual, meditative style that welcomes all in its study.

All levels welcome!

Root, Rise & Thrive

Awaken to your full potential! This yoga class is designed to enliven and offer gratitude to your morning.  Using hatha, vinyasa and restorative yoga methods, we will build a balanced practice, sending you off feeling grounded and alert to the vibrations of  your mind, body, and spirit!  

All levels welcome!

Beach Yoga

Summer only

Start your weekend on the beach in front of Mourelatos Lakeshore Resort, breathing in the fresh air, feeling the warm sun on your skin, listening to the lapping waves of the lake and waking up your body with the healing movement of yoga. All levels welcome. Mourelatos guests attend for free!

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